BWTH Homeowner dues

HOA dues are due on the 1st of each month. After the 15th a $25.00 late fee will be due.

BWTH is private property. It is not a parking lot for used cars. All vehicles must currently be registered and inspected, if not, a $50.00 fine will be assessed monthly and the vehicle may be towed at the owners expense.
Homeowners are assigned parking according to the unit that they purchased. Some have 1 carport or garage. Some have 1 carport and 1 garage.
Carports and garages are to be used for parking vehicles. If your garage is not used for such purpose then you must notify the office. A determination will be made as to who is responsible for correcting the situation and then correct the problem. A fine of $50.00 per month may be assessed until the situation is corrected.
If the homeowner’s vehicle does not fit in the carport or garage, the board must be made aware of the vehicle and the tag number.
If the homeowner owns more than 3 vehicles, then the office must know about it. Tag numbers for all vehicles will be required. The board will determine what action is to be taken concerning the third vehicle. A monthly fine may be assessed.
Non-owner residents include guests and tenants in leased units. The office must be notified of their vehicles’ tag number. Those vehicles must conform to the association policies.
No homeowner has a reserved parking space in front of their unit.
Burgoyne Bldg G & P, Olympia Bldg L & O
Burgoyne Bldg B & X, Olympia Bldg U and south of Bldg O should be used by guests.
Parking in the easement areas is at the owner’s risk. Easement spaces are not reserved for or assigned to any one homeowner.

BWTH is not a dog park. This is private property. We do not pay anyone to pick up after your pet – that is the responsibility of the dog owner.

There is a city ordinance concerning dogs:
• they must be on a leash, and must be under the control of the owner,
• you must have 2 trash bags or a scooper, and you must clean up their poop.

Effective immediately, any violation of any of the above listed requirements may result in a $30.00 fine for each violation. Fines may be assessed for each time an incident is reported.

Every homeowner must present a current photo of each pet that they have.

If you have a dog - it is YOUR responsibility to make sure you clean up after them.

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