Interesting People in our Community

Les Hallonquist has been on property since 1984, mending and fixing, replacing and restoring, preserving and protecting our structures. He is an invaluable resource and jack of all trades. Many times he is assisted by his son Brian, much as he assisted his father when Jack Hallonquist was maintaining the property. Although we can't claim him as our own exclusively since he works at other properties in the area, we would be lost without him. He is aware of the needs of the community, and knows where to draw the line between an Association expense and items that homeowners need to pay for themselves.
If you do have internal (non-Association) issues with your townhouse, Les may be able to help. He can be reached at 1-281-806-1981

Many of you know Javier Jaimes, or you have seen him hard at work around the premises. Javier is our groundskeeper. He works for VF Landscaping but is assigned to Briarwest five days a week, from 7:00 am to 3:30 pm. He keeps our property’s landscaping well groomed and looking good. Javier has maintained our common grounds for eleven years, so he knows the property well.
His routine is to split our thirteen acres into four quadrants, working each in turn. You may not see him in your area every day, but he’s on the job. On Thursdays in the growing seasons, another crew joins him to cut the grass, blow the clippings, and further beautify the area.
If there are any plantings or other non-maintenance items that need to be done, the Association must contact VF Landscaping to get a bid and have the work done. Another crew would then be dispatched to install the plants or accomplish the task.
So, next time you see Javier, give him a wave. I know he’ll wave back!

Javier Jaimes

Les Hallonquist

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